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Nicholas Choong

1977 | Malaysia

Nicholas Choong portraits a city scenery with dense and rich colors. Buildings are painted with palette knives to create bold, scraping and swaying paints. Lights of signs, buildings, cars’ headlights or reflection on rain illuminate the city. His paintings does not outline the Kuala Lumpur that we think should be. Instead, he features an artist’s sentiment of what he feels about the city.

Nicholas Choong was born in 1977. He has joined the Sembilan Art Residency Programme in Seremban. In 2018, Nicholas Choong joined the esteemed Rimbun Dahan Arts Residency as a 3-months Southeast Asian Artist in Residence which culminated in his cityscapes works and had exhibited them at the National Art Gallery in Malaysia.

Nicholas Choong描绘了一个色彩浓郁,色彩丰富的城市风光。他用油画刀大胆地刮擦和挥洒涂料而成 。广告灯光,大楼灯火,汽车前灯或雨水反射照亮了整个城市。他画的并非我们所了解的吉隆坡;反之,则是描绘一个艺术家眼中的吉隆坡。Nicholas Choong出生于1977年。他曾经加入森美兰艺术驻村计划(Sembilan Art Residency Programme)。2018年,Nicholas Choong加入Rimbun Dahan Arts Residency,成为一名为期3个月的驻地艺术家,让他的城市景观作品达到顶峰,并受邀在马来西亚国家美术馆展出。

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