Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery is a Malaysia-based contemporary art gallery with a consulting office in Singapore. We feature mid-career and established artists to art collectors around the world. We also provide professional art consultancy and art commissioning services that adds great dynamism to your various needs.

At Art WeMe, we believe the passion for art is most intense and joyful when the experience is shared with family and friends (“We”).   Conversely, we also believe art exploration is an enlightening journey that is both personal & incredibly engaging; once embarked, it provides a boundless media to express your creativity, success, accomplishment and values (“Me”).   

唯美艺术画廊(Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery)设立于马来西亚,目前画廊在新加坡設有諮詢辦公室, 是一家专门从事亚洲当代艺术的国际画廊。我们专注推广中生代艺术家的作品给全世界的收藏家。此外,唯美艺术画廊提供艺术谘询和委托服务,无论是私人收藏,住宅空间还是商业和酒店项目。我们追求精致,多样和优秀的艺术作品让全球艺术爱好者能更贴近艺术。

在唯美艺术画廊,我们乐于与艺术爱好者分享正在艺坛展现才华的艺术家的原创作品,我们相信,与家人和朋友(“We”)一起分享艺术是最为兴奋而愉快的过程。此外,我们也相信艺术探索是一个启发性的旅程,既牵动着个人情感又引人入胜地让人参与其中; 一旦踏上旅程,艺术为我(“Me”)带来无尽的创造力,成就和价值。