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b. 1977

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nicholas choong

“In my own personal practice; my consciousness affects the work. For example, the type of music I play in the studio : Influences my moods, which in turn, influences the work, and how the oil and mineral spirits – in the beginning – inert substances, wait patiently for an energy source, a murmur, which will determine its course in nature and the unfolding of its purpose.”


Nicholas Choong is a well-known Malaysian artist for “Cityscapes” series which depicts city scenes of Kuala Lumpur in abstract expression. This series reveals his perspective and emotion of a cityscape as well as himself, about being an artist. As a self-taught artist, he endeavours to work on different media and subjects. He collects ready-made materials at his studio to create figure paintings. He also replaces canvas with aluminium panels to observe reflection of lights as paints flow on metal plates.

Nicholas Choong continues making conversation with paintings. During his creative process, those unseen, immovable yet crucial forces lead him to solid colours and lines on his art. All his works highlight Nicholas Choong’s conscious nature and he welcomes everyone to observes and interprets his paintings by their own thoughts.

Nicholas Choong 是马来西亚著名艺术家,以“城市风景”系列而闻名,该系列以抽象表现手法描绘了吉隆坡的城市景观。这个系列展示了他对城市景观以及自己作为艺术家的看法和情感。作为一名自学成才的艺术家,他努力在不同的媒介和主题上进行创作。他在工作室收集现成材料来创作人物画。他还用铝板取代画布,观察光线在金属板上流动时的反射。

Nicholas Choong 继续与绘画进行对话。在他的创作过程中,那些看不见的、不动的但至关重要的力量引导他将鲜明的色彩和线条呈现在他的艺术作品中。所有他的作品都突显了 Nicholas Choong 的自觉本性,他欢迎每个人根据自己的想法来观察和解读他的画作。



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