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The Crease of Beauty – Review of Tony Ng’s paintings

Sarong, batik patterns and butterfly are three main elements to compose Tony Ng’s paintings Viewers may create initial impressions these three symbols highlight Malaysian culture. However, Tony Ng would like to share beyond culture identity and his paintings contain more humanistic cares than surface. The Crease of Beauty – Review of Tony Ng’s paintings features […]

Symbols behind horse-riding portraits : From art history to disucss Wang Zhi Wu’s horse-riding paintings

Horse is a popular subject in fine art history. The horse represents vigorous spirit and driving force in life which further becomes a sign of ruling class. In some famous western paintings, horses are always shown in portraits of noble class. Aristocrats, especially, kings, queens or their young princes were illustrated sitting on horsebacks gloriously […]

Five Sen5es of The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Five Sen5es of The Westin Kuala Lumpur, PIN Prestige and Art WeMe bring hands together to present a food x art campaign with adorable and meaningful art installation by sculpture artist Ms. Liao Ying Hsi (廖迎晰). The art-complementing culinary experience is served up to and appreciated by the city’s elites in Kuala Lumpur. Hailing from […]

Liao Ying-Hsi

Liao YingHsi, born in Taichung, Taiwan. Liao graduated from the Western Painting Section, Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, Tunghai University. Liao relying on the reflection of the daily experiences and using the traditional classics as the transforming intermediary to present the ancient classical subjects in a modern technique, and then inflame a performance beyond viewer’s […]