Highlights of Malaysian Artists 2021

Part 1

September is a meaningful month for all Malaysians. We celebrate Malaysians who own multicultural backgrounds to gather together as the union of Malaysia. Malaysia is an incredibly diverse country, inherits many different ethnicities, languages and religions from different races and contributes to dynamic cultures. Cultural diversity also inspires Malaysian artists to create interesting and distinctive artworks. This feature will introduce Malaysian artists who present various culture contents and identities through their art.

Voon Kim Cheong

An Abundance of Colours by Voon Kim Cheong

An Abundance of Colours

152.5 x 152.5 cm_Oil on jute


Voon Kim Cheong has a deep sense of vision and energy that reveals his purposeful movements of strokes in his works. Inspired by traditional dances of various ethnic groups of the indigenous, Voon exhibited their diverse dance forms enchantingly on canvas. Emotions are high and movements are significantly portrayed in the spirit of unity, joy, strength and courage set in multicultural environment. Swift-flowing strokes and vibrant mix of colours are beguiling of Voon’s works.

Born in 1968 is from Kuala Lumpur. He graduated from the Satio Academy of Graphic Design 1992 and started self-training in fine art. He has his first solo exhibition “Vibrancy-1st Solo Exhibition” in 2011. His paintings have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions organised by museums and art galleries, including Klang Art Centre, Penang State Art Gallery, Daiichi Modern Art Gallery and La Galerie Du Monde. He also has participated in some important group exhibitions: The Philips Morris Group of Malaysia Award at National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, “World Of Imagination Vol.2”  at APW Gallery, Long Island City, USA, and “Malaysian Chinese Art Exhibition In Conjuntion with commemorate the 35th Anniversary Malaysia-China diplomatic ties” – Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Melaka.

Nicholas Choong

Survive (KL75) by Nicholas Choong

Survive (KL75)

102 x102 cm_Oil on canvas


Nicholas Choong was born and brought up in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. He is inspired by cityscapes of Kuala Lumpur, especially when night falls in the city, a flourishing city to be jammed with cars, shoppers, tall buildings and is ablaze with lights. Choong portraits a city scenery with dense and rich colors. Paint drips flow and move onto canvas randomly become different intermittent gleam of city lights. Describing details of a city scenery is not the main subject of Nicholas Choong’s Cityscapes series. This series of paintings reveal his perspective and emotion of a cityscape as well as himself, about being an artist.

Nicholas Choong born in 1977. In 2011, he started painting and later joined the Sembilan Art Residency Programme in Seremban. In 2018, Nicholas Choong joined the esteemed Rimbun Dahan Arts Residency as a 3-months Southeast Asian Artist in Residence which culminated in his cityscapes works and had exhibited them at the National Art Gallery in Malaysia.

Lok Kerk Hwang

Skinchan Impression No 8 by Lok Kerk Hwang

Sekinchan Impression No 8

38 x 56 cm_Watercolor on paper


Malaysian artist Lok Kerk Hwang features “time” and “life” in his watercolour paintings. He illustrates traces of time on objects : rusted metals and bicycles, and decayed timbers. He applies photo shooting skills, for example, “close-up” view, light and reflection to highlight effects of time on daily objects. These skills also create a utopian atmosphere to let viewers to imagine a calm and peaceful moment in another series” Reflection”. Viewers see not only reminiscence, but also a life moment of negligible objects. They may be vanished by time, but they keep a special existence in Lok Kerk Hwang’s paintings.

Lok Kere Hwang born in 1973, is an award-winning watercolor artist who has won 20+ Awards in many prestigious competitions over the past 20 years, including 2nd Place Award in Society Watercolor Artists International Juried Watermedia Exhibition (2017), Texas, USA, 2nd Prize Award in The Lake-Blue Heaven Qingdao International Spring Art Salon, Qingdao, China (2017), The Jane Peterson Memorial Award in The Allied Artists of America, Inc. 104th &103rd Annual Juried Exhibition (2017 & 2016). He has been invited to the following prestigious International Watercolour Exhibitions: 1st International Watercolour Biennale Thailand & World Masters of Watercolor (2016), Taiwan World Watercolor Competition & Exhibition (2016), International Watercolor Masters ASIA & MEXICO (2016), 1st China Suzhou Watercolor Asia Exhibition (2015), World Watercolor Triennale Korea (2015), 70th Anniversary of The Basque Watercolor Association Exhibition, Bilbao, Spain (2015). 

Tony Ng Chit Keong

Life is Wonderful 2 by Tony Ng Chit Keong

Life is Wonderful 2

45 x 61 cm_Mixed media on paper


Sarong, batik patterns and butterfly are three main elements to compose Tony Ng’s paintings Viewers may create initial impressions these three symbols highlight Malaysian culture. However, Tony Ng would like to share beyond culture identity and his paintings contain more humanistic cares than surface. When the artist observes wrinkles on the sarong, they are not noticeable, on the contrary, they mark times and memories that underline beauty of sarong. Everything happens in our life are not always happy. Failure and loss are inevitable and sometimes are unpredictable but trying to face challenges may leave more beautiful marks in our life path.

Tony Ng Chit Keong born in 1980. He graduated from Kuala Lumpur Collage of Arts with diploma in Fine Art and also completed art restoration course at Accademia Riaci in Italy. Tony Ng is an emerging Malaysian artist who focuses on aesthetics of batiks and he tries to transform beauty of batiks to become a unique subject in contemporary art. 





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