The Crease of Beauty – Review of Tony Ng’s paintings

Sarong, batik patterns and butterfly are three main elements to compose Tony Ng’s paintings Viewers may create initial impressions these three symbols highlight Malaysian culture. However, Tony Ng would like to share beyond culture identity and his paintings contain more humanistic cares than surface. The Crease of Beauty – Review of Tony Ng’s paintings features the artist’s views of beauty, life and art.

When Tony Ng graduated from Kuala Lumpur Collage of Arts (KLCA), his aim of making art is to explore the meaning of beauty. He realised beauty exists in everywhere and everything if we can feel a connection with it. A painting, a book and a song is able to touch our heart and makes us feel happy, sad, regrets or any mixed feelings, in which a sense of beauty is created. Every feeling is the most beautiful moment of our life that makes who we are today. Tony Ng found sarong and butterfly to represent his statement of beauty of life moment.





Tiles Series #6
152x76cm (Diptych)
Oil on Jute


He places sarongs on tables, ground or mixes different types of sarong together. For the artist, sarong can be seen everywhere when he was a child, but now we can only see people wear it in specific holidays or as an antique displaying in museums. Tony Ng draws details of sarong as well as the term of still life in fine art that captures realistic perspective of objects. Colours and patterns are delicate and real just like they are placed in front of us. Our ancestors’ intelligences are also vividly installed in our memory.

When the artist observes wrinkles on the sarong, they are not noticeable, on the contrary, they mark times and memories that underline beauty of sarong. Everything happens in our life are not always happy. Failure and loss are inevitable and sometimes are unpredictable but trying to face challenges may leave more beautiful marks in our life path.


Tiles Series #5 | 100x80cm | Oil on Jute
Exploration of Love 5 | 92x92cm |  Acrylic on Jute

A butterfly always can be seen besides sarong. Butterfly implies a short but amazing life experience in Tony Ng’s paintings. A butterfly is not born to be a beautiful creature. The caterpillar transforms its body, eventually emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Most of butterflies live only one or two weeks, but they leave glamorous moments in the world.

Life is Wonderful 2 | 45x61cm |  Mixed Media


Life is Wonderful 1 | 45x61cm |  Mixed Media


No matter a beautiful sarong has many stains or creases, and no matter a butterfly lives in long or short life, true beauty is last long without limits. Tony Ng believes we, as a human being, faces failures and challenges since we were born. Whatsoever humans still work hard as the life is beautiful!





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