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b. 1983

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huang yulong 黄玉龙

Huang Yulong (b.1983) graduated from the Sculpture Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He is best known for his sculptures of the Faceless Man in a hoodie, which demonstrate the exchange of Eastern traditions and popular culture. Huang learnt sculpture in Jingdezhen, a city with a long history of producing Chinese porcelain for Chinese emperors and nobles. He studied traditional Chinese porcelain making techniques and tried to find his identity in his sculptures which he found found to be hip-pop. As an artist focuses on hip-pop and street art, Huang found it difficult to fit into the major art groups in Beijing where is the hub of art academics, and was unfamiliar with street art as a fine art discipline. The faceless man in the hoodie can be anyone. There are no norms, no cultural boundaries and definitions, as long as someone likes Huang Yulong’s sculpture, the identity of a faceless man in a hoodie is formed.



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Top Dog 孩子王系列

Childhood is not just a transitional time before adulthood. It is a meaningful lifetime for children to create their wonderlands exclusively. It is also a time of utopia that we may have forgotten when we became an adult. When children play together, there has always been a leader to lead rules of games among children. Such a kid is like a head sheep in a flock and a wolf leader of a pack, just like a “Top dog” in a group of children. A top dog is usually a soundless outsider who watches other kids as they play. He / she may find a silent corner to enjoy being alone but he/she never feels lonely inside his/her mind.