Art Future, Taiwan 2024

Art WeMe is pleased to announce our participation in Art Future 2024 in Taipei. Our gallery will present artworks from 5 artists from China and Thailand including Huang Yulong, Li Ming, Wang Zhiwu, Yuttana Chompupuen, and Zhou Bin.

Room Number: Room 1047

Venue: Grand Hyatt Taipei No. 2, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110061

Participating Artists: Huang Yulong | Li Ming | Lingeee Bangkhuntod | Wang Zhiwu | Yuttana Chompupuen | Zhou Bin

Collector Preview (By Invitation Only)
Friday 5 Jan, 12pm – 8pm

Private View (by invitation only)
Friday 5 Jan, 3pm – 8pm

Vernissage (By Invitation Only)
Friday 5 Jan, 6pm – 8pm

Public Viewing
Friday 17 November, 3pm – 8pm
Saturday 6 Jan, 11am – 7pm
Sunday 7 Jan, 11am – 7pm

Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery believes that art is a medium of communication, creating a harmonious dialogue between ourselves and others. Appreciating diverse forms of art is an enlightening journey that is both personal and incredibly engaging.

Celebrating a variety of distinct mediums and art forms, Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery will be exhibiting artists from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Since 2010, we have taken part in various international art exhibitions in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, China (Shanghai, Beijing), Taiwan, and Malaysia. These selected works on display will feature the intriguing range of these artists’ expertise as we gain a deeper understanding of the expression of their themes and subjects.

Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery