b. 1987

Artist CV

Zhou bin

Zhou Bin is good at using his solid traditional classical oil painting techniques to express images that are contemporary, trendy, academically profound, and meet the needs of modern aesthetics and are ornamental. While studying in Europe, he gradually established his own painting language and habits by copying and studying a large number of classic works by master’s from the Renaissance to modern neoclassicism. Zhou Bin’s works usually revolve around the “expressions” of characters. The paintings are relatively independent but are inextricably linked to each other. The various characters in Zhou Bin’s paintings convey the author’s unique thoughts and sense of humor, guiding the audience to enter their spiritual world with curiosity and find their own answers.

周斌擅长用扎实的传统古典油画技法来表现当代性、新潮性、学术性深刻、符合现代美感需求、 具有观赏性的形象。他的作品通常围绕着人物的“表情”。画面相对独立,但又有着千丝万缕的关系。周滨画中的形形色色的人物传达了作者独特的思想和幽默感, 引导观众带着好奇心进入他们的精神世界, 寻找自己的答案。


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