Nocturne – Nicholas Choong Online Solo Exhibition

Nocturne – Nicholas Choong Online Solo Exhibition

“It’s about the need to document a place where I live. A place I’ve spent many years looking out in awe from. I find the cityscapes not portraying different parts of a system, but as a whole. You are only as strong as your base. If your foundation is shaky, then your subsequent endeavours will be shaky. If you come from a place of awe and wonder then you will see the world as magical. “ by Nicholas Choong.


Whole city is illuminated by Lights from street lamps, signs, cars, buildings and puddle shadows after scattered showers. All elements combined together to play tutti visually. It is the nocturne of Kuala Lumpur.

Born and grow in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian artist Nicholas Choong develops his unique visual language from his diverse living experiences in the metropolitan city. He drew his inspiration from being a resident DJ and a commercial graph designer. He drove a car wondering around the city especially during night time. Without helps of electronic navigations such as GPS and driving apps, he enjoyed his own moment and hopped off his car anytime to take photos of streets, corners and building. After he became a full time artist, he coverts observations into lines, colours and paint drips on his paintings.

His paintings are unlikely to portrait what do people common see Kuala Lumpur, instead, he features an artist’s sentiment of what he feels about the city. Nicholas Choong spends much time to modulate colours. For him, this is a moment to make a conversation with his canvas, asking questions of what does the painting need and want me to do? During a constant conversation between the artist and his canvas, an artist’s concept is concretely formed in a painting.

Describing details of a city scenery is not the main subject of Nicholas Choong’s Cityscapes series. This series of paintings reveal his perspective and emotion of a cityscape as well as himself, about being an artist.

Online exhibition is exclusive represented on Artsy from 1st to 31st June.

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