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b. 1980

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“I really like the patterns on them. And sarongs, if you wear them for a long time, they have this certain ‘worn’ feel that’s just hard to explain. They feel so rustic,”

For many of us, beauty is a sense of perfection. For Tony, beauty means meaningful moments in life. Life is not always perfect, but all the sweet and bitter moments make our life remarkable and beautiful. In Tony’s paintings, he uses traditional Malaysian art form – batik, vivid wax-resist dyeing colors and patterns, and folds on clothes to represent the precious lives of good and bad memories intertwined. Everything that happens in our lives are not always happy. Failure and loss are inevitable and sometimes are unpredictable, but trying to face challenges can leave more beautiful mark on our life path. Sarong, batik patterns and butterflies are three main elements to make up Tony’s paintings. Viewers may have an initial impression of the three symbols highlighting Malaysian culture. However, Tony Ng wants like to share that beyond culture identity and his paintings are more humane than superficial.


Colorize Colorlife series

Colorize Colorlife is Tony Ng’s latest series, each painting presents different types of beautiful sarongs with a solid vibrant color as background. Every 10 of paintings in this series, Tony Ng drew a 4 x 4 ft size painting as a full stop before he moves on next step.
Colorize Colorlife 是 Tony Ng 的全新创作系列,每一件作品描绘着不同美丽型态的纱笼布,搭配着单一鲜亮色彩的背景色。这个系列每10件作品,艺术家就会创作一幅 4 x 4 英呎的大型作品,做为进行下一件系列作品前的圆满句号。