Profile picture Shiro Utafusa

b. 1983

Artist CV


Kurukuru Atama (Curly Hair Boy) is Shiro Utafusa’s iconic character in his paintings. A boy with an afro hairstyle is a portray of the artist’s youthful look, travelling around the world with his art passionately. On the other hand, this character also represents the artist’s compassionate of nature being and surroundings.  

Japanese artist Shiro Utafusa was motivated via the drawing class while he studied the second years of design course. In the third year, he started doodling the character “Curly Hair Boy” in his notebook. After graduating in 2007, he travelled around many countries including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Italy. He told his journeys on canvas which became wonderful adventures of the Curly Hair Boy. In his paintings always can see one or several curly hair boys hold sunflowers. A single sunflower expresses the hope. His painting is to share happiness, hopes and love around the world.



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