Objects & Images : Japan Artists Group Show

Date: 5th July – 31st August

Venue: Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery (Level 2, Pavilion Elite Mall, Kuala Lumpur)

Artists: Izumi AKIYAMA, Kunihiko KATSUMATA, Ayumi KIDOKO, Takahide KOMATSU, Naoki KUSUMI, Natsuki MACHIDA, Ryota SHIIBASHI, Chisato TANAKA, Tomohiro TODOROKI, Shiro UTAFUSA

The object has been a common motif in art history even since antiquity. From objective description to metaphoric expression, one object appeals diverse images due to artists’ concepts. “Objects & Images : Japan Artists Group Show” invites 10 Japanese artists to showcase their exploration of objects and its images in paintings and photographs.

Still life in Izumi Akiyama’s pencil drawing is a lively existence. Akiyama closely captures the dualistic nature of the object and expresses it faithfully. Akiyama’s works have a mysterious, somewhat moist air, giving them the immediate illusion of having been painted in oils.

Kunihiko Katsumata considers photograph is a medium to express creativity instead of showing reality. Katsumata questions the relationship between reception and reality. He maintains that you cannot truly know anything for certain unless you see it with your own eyes.

Ayumi Kidoko is influenced by Japanese tradition art and Ukiyoe, using flat perspective to illustrate nature objects and scenes. With the addition of neon hues, CG imagery, insects and tropical birds in fresh vivid colours, a modern twist is given to this traditional art style.

Influenced by the Rinpa school of Japanese painting, Takahide Komatsu drew nature spices with Japanese screen or paper door patterns. Foreign species and plants brought to Japan have caused negative effects in native ecosystem. Komatsu applies classic atmosphere to highlight his concerns of environmental problems.

Naoki Kusumi is a well-known Japanese master plasterer. He inherits traditional plaster techniques and further creates a new value from old craftmanship. His plaster painting highlights pure beauty of materials. Plaster in Kusumi’s concept is no longer a building material, but a beautiful and independent existence.

Natsuki Machida choosing flowers as a motif is not simple like pick up decorative patterns, but more complex personal choice. She delivers those flowers as means to carry out her internal energy to be exposed to the outside world. Blossomed flowers also imply Machida’s vivid creative energy.

Ryota Shiibashi’s concept surrounded by “things between life and death”. He creates photo collage from photographs that he took while he was hiking in mountains. Images of rocks and mountains are combined together to form different landscapes. Every photo collage implies a new earth and its life circle.

Chisato Tanaka sets up a motif in front of an overwhelming jet black background. The images that radiate from the work are of a depth that would drag you in, and induce a feeling of distance that defies telling dream from reality.

Todoroki Tomohiro shows a childhood dream in his paintings. His creativity is motivated by a strong wish to express the mixed feeling that we felt as kids. Swinging lines in Tomohiro’s paintings represent that feeling and the speed of the vehicles.

Shiro Utafusa’s signature character “KuruKuru Atama” , is a character represents a young boy with his fluffy curly hair who shares love and smile in his journey around the world. Another series “Hope of Sunflower” delivers a positive message : hope and comforts people in their bittersweet life.

The exhibition will be held from 5th July – 31st August at Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery, Pavilion Elite Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery