b. 1979

Artist CV


BEZ is as the symbols of curiosity to mess around in pop culture and contemporary art scenes, as well as subconsciously  of Chris Tan’s childhood memories in 80’s.

“I have no idea where they came from, but I remembered the “bez” sounds coming from their head covered inside the paper bags. Interestingly, their light camouflaged bodies could transform into various forms blending into the scenes of pop culture and contemporary art.”

Chris Tan is a pop-art artist currently based in Malaysia. He self-learned art and received prizes for his innate talent since young. Inspired by the artist’s three year old kid putting her head into a paper bag, he designed BEZ – a troop of camouflaged aliens came from outer space that always shyly cover their heads in the special paper bags. Under influences of pop culture, street art and art history, BEZ is the avatar of Chris Tan explores possibilities of artistic expressions and eases boundaries of each art style.  



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