Reminiscence: Yap Chin Hoe & Tony Ng Duo Exhibition“忆意” 叶振和与黄则强双人展

Reminiscence: Yap Chin Hoe & Tony Ng Duo Exhibition
“忆意” 叶振和与黄则强双人展

Date : 7 – 19 July
Venue : Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery, KL
(Pavilion Elite @ Bukit Bintang KL)


Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery is glad to present Reminiscence: Yap Chin Hoe & Tony Ng duo exhibition. The duo show features ordinary objects in paintings by two Malaysian Chinese artists: Yap Chin Hoe and Tony Ng, weaving their life memory with beautiful Peranakan ceramics and batik cloths. Their paintings deliver not only a scene of delicate culture legacies, but also expresses artists’ deep connection with family / root, the origin where further inspired their art to deliver humanity care.

“忆意”双人展展示了两位马来西亚华人艺术家叶振和(Yap Chin Hoe) 和黄则强(Tony Ng) 在绘画中展现常民文物;精美的土生华人瓷器和蜡染布交织出过往的生活记忆。他们的画作不仅仅是传达了精致的文化遗产,更是表达了艺术家与家庭/根之间的深厚连结,进而在影响他们的艺术创作,传达人性的关怀。


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