New Seasons Of Love Collection From Narate Kathong

New Four Seasons Paintings Are Displaying at Art WeMe, Pavilion Elite Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Seasons of Love by Narate Kathong

The Season of love – Summer love
100 x 100 cm | Acrylic on canvas


Seasons Of Love is Thai artist Narate Kathong’s signature collection, inspired by vibrant changes of nature scenes in different seasons.  Forest scenes on canvas are drawn by few colors and simple layouts but Kathong’s skillful techniques create diverse layers of lighting and spaces that make nature is close at hand visually. New Seasons Of Love Collection is now showing at Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery, Pavilion Elite Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Seasons of Love by Narate Kathong

The Season of love – Cherrie Blossom
120 x 120 cm | Acrylic on canvas


Pointillism in The Seasons Of Love

Narate Kathong is strongly influenced by George Seurat and Claude Monet who were icons of impressionism. Kathong forms paintings of Seasons Of Love by applying the Pointillism, an art style that captures light in its changing moment by using cube-like brushstrokes. The predominant art element in his works is through the thousands to millions of spots upon spots. When we see paintings closely, we see several dots and if we keep a further distance to see paintings, we see a spectacular landscape.

In his paintings, we do not see complicated colors and layouts. Narate Kathong is an artist has excellent techniques and delicate mind who usually uses 1 or 2 colors in each of his landscape paintings. With simple and straight expression, he creates a majestic composition, as though being transported to a surreal, yet nostalgic ground. Senses of peace and tranquility are formed.

Seasons of Love by Narate Kathong

110 x 170 cm | Acrylic on canvas


About Narate Kathong

Born in 1975, Narate Kathong has Graduate School Certificate in Printing Arts, Rajamangala University of Techonlogy Pochang Campus, Bangkok. He has won 2nd award- Toshiba Art Award, Chiangmai,1991, 1st Award- Lions International Art Award, Chiangmai, 1993 and was nominated Finalists of the 2010 Creative Works Competition in London, England, 2010.




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