b. 1977

Artist CV

lau wai leng

The inspiration behind paintings is from Lau Wai Leng’s childhood toys and the little things around her. Fruits and vegetables are main subjects in Lau Wai Leng’s paintings, plump and glossy, and occupy most of scales of paintings. Some fruits and vegetables are dressed in straw hats with rubber ducks or paper origami cranes are drawn together in paintings. They represent good memories and also energy sources to motivate the artist in sweet and bitter life.

Lau implies straw hats as a symbol for hard and honest works, and origami crane is a symbol for blessing. When facing difficulties, always remember that every problem can be solved. Drop your worries and have faith that in the end, everything will be just fine. This series of works depicts optimism and goodness in small things around us. To give us warmth and comfort in times of difficulty.




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