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「Reflection – Huang Yu Long Online Solo Exhibition」 expresses the core value of Huang Yu Long’s sculptures: Yin and Yang, a concept of dualism that two opposite powers may be interconnected in order to achieve a balance status. “Yo Bro!” and “Upside Down” highlight a harmonic physical contact between two different persons. Huang Yu Long states “Everything is just like Tai Chi and everyone is involved in the Yin/Yang circle.” Dualism is also applied in “N.S.E.W” , “Heaven and Earth” and “Party” series that represent interconnections between Chinese cultures and Hip-pop spirit. In addition, “Rose” series, “Skull” series and “Snowflakes” reflects ugly facts under beautiful surfaces. He also extends the view to his life journey of being an artist. “Top Dog” , “Beginner’s Mind” , “Godfather” and “ Be My Side” which visualise his passions and struggles as an artist and reminds himself the reason to become an artist.

“I always want to find the intersection between different cultures and integrate them in a proper way to show people what I see and feel. ” By Huang Yu Long


N.S.E.W. 东南西北

90 × 47.5 × 47.5 cm_Bronze_ Variable editions

“N.S.E.W” adopts street culture, including graffiti, street dance, DJ remix, Rapping to mix with images of Four Greatest Heavenly Guardians who watch over four cardinal directions “ North, East, South, and West” of the world in Buddhism mythology. Four Greatest Heavenly Guardians in nowadays are put on hoodie outfits, playing recorded music as DJs, making graffiti and dancing street dances in the street. Four guardians of street culture represent leading positions in contemporary culture and they also express the artist’s tribute to street culture.


Be My Side lll 度III

40 x 100 x 30 cm_Bronze & aluminium_Variable editions


“Be My Side” (度) took Huang Yu Long half year to shape the concept. During six months, he was struggling to figure out the concept of the work. One day he was sitting alone on the bench, and suddenly he realized he became his signature hip-pop faceless figure. This is Huang Yu Long’s own portrayal. He always wants to find interlaced points between different cultures and integrate them in some appropriate way to show people what he sees and feels.

When children play together, there has always been a leader to lead rules of games among children. Such a kid is like a head sheep in a flock and a wolf leader of a pack, as well as a “Top dog” in a group of children. A top dog is usually a soundless outsider who watches other kids as they play. He / she may find a silent corner to enjoy being alone but he/she never feels lonely inside his/her mind.

Top Dog 孩子王

65 × 39 × 19 cm
Variable editions


“Existence” is one of faceless sculptures in hoodies series. The sculpture is presented in full body figure. The figure’s head is down slightly and look at its own shadow. The sculpture reveals an identity and a type of self-communications. The artist creates a metaphor to explain Yin and Yang (Taiji) by his sculptures.  Huang Yu Long believes we are experiencing Taiji in many aspects. UP and down, good and evil or strong and weak that demonstrate everything has a bright and dark side. Where there is shadow, there must be light. The duality of everything, just like Taiji which keeps nature circles in balance.

Existance 存在

90 x 55 x 38 cm, Bronze, Variable editions


Chinese artist Huang Yulong studied porcelain art in Jingdezhen, China, an important historical town of Chinese porcelain productions. His life is deeply influenced by hip-hop and street art, which inspired him to create a fusion art style by Chinese traditional cultures and hip-pop culture. Freedom and rebellion represented by hip-hop have become Huang Yulong’s motivation to pursue his art career innovatively, which deliver profound philosophical and aesthetic concepts of Chinese art to people all over the world without language, genders, races and geographical barriers.

「Reflection – Huang Yu Long Online Solo Exhibition」 is an exclusive online exhibition on Artsy from 1st to 31st July. For more information, please check :

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