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1980 | Malaysia

Tony Ng collects many Batik for his own interest. He chooses batiks to be his painting subject, not only because their vibrant colour and patterns, but batik is also a symbol to present the civic culture of Malaysia. Tony Ng attempts to remind people to look back traditional items that may have forgotten at somewhere else, just like traditional convention that has been gradually vanishing in the history.

Every Batik is unique. Every piece presents the beauty of culture. Tony Ng Chit Keong was born in 1980. He graduated from Kuala Lumpur College of Arts with diploma in Fine Art and also completed art restoration course at Accademia Riaci in Italy. Tony Ng is an emerging Malaysian artist who focuses on aesthetics of batiks and he tries to transform the beauty of batiks to become a unique subject in contemporary art.


每件峇迪都是独一无二德。每件作品都呈现出自己的文化之美。黄则强出生于1980年,毕业于吉隆坡艺术学院,获得美术文凭,并在意大利Accademia Riaci完成艺术修复课程。黄则强是一位具有潜力的新生代马来西亚艺术家,专注于以绘画呈现峇迪之美,并将峇迪之美,转化为当代艺术的新题材。

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