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Shiro Utafusa was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1983. He was motivated via the drawing class since the second years of design course. In the third year, he started doodling the character “curly hair” in his notebook. After graduating in 2007, he travelled around many countries including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Italy. He drew portraits of people whom he met while he stayed various places and tried to shape his art style.

The story of the series of “Kuru kuru atama” (Round head) is that the thirteen curly hair boys go to many places around the world to meet various people and animals in order to make them happy. All of the paintings have a story and they are connected to one series. The second is the “Hope of Sunflower” series. There is one sunflower in the painting with the background of the black and white or desperate scene. A single sunflower expresses the hope.

He held many solo and group exhibitions in Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Shiro is currently working at his studio in Northern Japan.


Kuru kuru atama (圆圆头)系列,故事描述13 个卷毛头男孩到世界各地,为遇到的人们和动物制造欢乐。每一件作品都有独立的故事。向日葵的希望系列则是以黑白背景或者让人感到沮丧的状况里,一朵向日葵带来了希望的意思。


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