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1968 | Taiwan

Liao Ying Hsi highlights love element as a warm and soft subject in her stainless steel sculptures. Her concern for the environment and life circle is extended through the subject ‘love’ in her artworks. From her art pieces, we can see an overlap of old new times whereas symbols of oriental and western art styles merge together to give a deeper cultural exploration in her artworks.

Liao Ying Hsi graduated from the Western Painting Section, Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, Tunghai University. Her sculptures have received various international awards including the Honorable Mention of London International Creative Competition, Certificate of Excellent of Arts & Crafts Design Awards and Honorable Master of Sculpture in Fujian, China. She has also been nominated and won awards in National Exhibition of Fine Art (Sculpture Category) for many years. Liao Ying Hsi joins many public art projects. Her massive sized sculptures can be seen in many residential buildings in China and Taiwan.


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