Fun to Go! Wang Zhi Wu solo exhibition来玩吧!王志武个展

Fun to Go! Wang Zhi Wu solo exhibition来玩吧!王志武个展

14th June (Thursday)-15th July (Sunday)

Venue: Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery (Level 2, Pavilion Elite)


Pop-art artist Wang Zhi Wu launches his latest paintings at Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery. Wang Zhi Wu is well-known by personifying animals in paintings. Each animal has a slim shape, with a big head and a pair of bright piercing eyes. At first glance, Wang’s animals delight viewers with humor and innocent charm; however, they reflect purest happiness that left alone in our childhood.


Wang has a great passion for animals, particularly dogs. He has a pet dog and he spends lots of time to observe behaviors of his dog. He realises there is a true connection between he and his dog due to the dog’s naïve and unconditional love to him. He decides to depict animals are with a simple but genuine happiness in his paintings. Thus, he creates many scenarios that are used to seeing in human society and animals become main characters in his paintings. Not only dogs are shown in Wang’s paintings, other animals, such as dogs, cows, frogs and horses are also the inspiration of his works.



Couple series 夫妻系列作品


Best Friends series好朋友系列


Three kingdoms series 三国系列

Wang’s animals have cartoon-liked shapes and they create adorable and lovely images in his paintings. Their images mix with different animals’ appearances. Every protagonist in his paintings is not simply an animal but mostly is from his imagination. Besides, all animals have big heads with big eyes, and their bodies look smaller which are not equivalent to animals’ actual body sizes. For Wang, illustrating actual outlooking of animals are not main theme in his paintings. Those animals represent a symbol of freedom, innocent or simple life. Cartoon style creates an imaginary phenomenon to look back our genuine happiness while we have had in our childhood. He attempts to express spirits beyond reality to capture life in its purest form without giving into exaggeration or excessiveness. His works of art encourages his audience to start their own journey of optimism and self-discovery.


For more information of artworks 更多作品相关信息 Wang Zhi Wu 王志武


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