Art Central 2018

Event date: 27th.March-01st.April

Event venue:Central Haborfront, Hong Kong

VIP Preview : 26th March, 3-9pm

Open to the public: 27-28th March, 11am-5pm、29th March, 11am-9pm、30th-31st March, 11am-7pm、1st April, 11am-5pm

For more information参观信息:

It is pleased to announce that Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery will join Art Central HK in this year again. From 26th March to 1st April, Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery will be at Booth D13 and present latest works from SANZI, Feng YiChen and Lei Lei.

Sanzi is a well-known Contemporary Chinese artist who features Taoism beliefs in his oil paintings. This year, Sanzi will debut a new series of ink paintings. Following Sanzi’s practices of Taoism, ink paintings, as well as oil paintings, highlight power of nature objects. However, Sanzi applies ink color density which leads audiences to experience more mysterious and metaphysical level of the Taoism.Feng YiChen, an emerging Chinese artist who brings the latest series “Inner View” to the Art Central. In his paintings, he redefines materials and objects by poetic expression. Feng YiChen attempts to reach maximum freedom of expression beyond the presentation of appearance of an object.Buddha figures in caves inspired Lei Lei’s sculptures. However, Lei Lei develops more ideal, poetic and mysterious phenomena for his figure sculptures. They look like they come from a utopia and they are in pursuit of peace and calm in the present moment. Lei Lei’s figure sculptures represent his viewpoints of aesthetics.

唯美艺术画廊很荣幸再次参与2018 Art Central艺术博览会今年将于3月26日至4月1日在香港中环海滨举办。 唯美艺术画廊今年带来的艺术家有散子、冯一尘与雷磊,将在展位D13展出,敬请莅临观赏。

散子是一位著名的当代中国艺术家,在他的油画中表现道家的体会。 今年,散子将推出一系列新的水墨画。 在散子的道家实践,水墨和油划一样突显了自然物体的力量。 然而,散子活用水墨的浓淡,引导观者体验更多道家为无为思想的神秘和形而上的层次。冯一尘,一位具潜力的新生代中国艺术家,将最新的“内观”系列带到 Art Central。 在他的绘画中,他已相当诗意的方式重新定义了材料和物件。 冯一尘试图在表达物件外观之外的最大的表现自由。洞穴佛像是雷磊雕塑的灵感来源。 然而,雷磊的人物雕塑却形成了更为理想,诗意和神秘的现象。 雕塑人物看起来像来自乌托邦,他们在当下追求和平与冷静,反映了雷磊的美学观点。



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