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1994 | Malaysia

Yeanni Koo’s work inspired by the naïve as well as the pure and innocence qualities found in folk art and children art. The spontaneous and unconstrained quality of Koo’s work came from her love in folk art and years of observation when teaching children art. Koo embraces the everyday life, history, tradition and various cultural aspects of her native land through a series of vibrant painting, collage and embroidery pieces. They record and preserve mainly social significant of her homeland through a joyful process of imaginative play and observation, the qualities of anthological, nostalgic and sentiment are always presence in Koo’s work.

Born in Kelantan in 1994, Koo Yean Ni was a fine art graduate from Dasein Academy of Art who showed committed on her fine art practice since her college days. As an emerging artist she actively took part in group exhibitions locally after she graduated in 2015 and received an opportunity to exhibit her work in Hong Kong and Shanghai recently. Yean Ni managed to hold her first solo exhibition at the Findars Art Space in 2016 and was awarded first prize in the Petron Art Competition (painting category) and first runner up for the Maybank Hari Raya Aidilfitri Creative Wau Design Competition. She was also being selected for various major art competitions in Malaysia including the Bank Negara (Tanpa Nama 2) Competition and Nando’s Art Initiative Competition.

古燕妮的作品灵感来自民间艺术和儿童艺术中的纯洁与单纯特质。 她对民间艺术的热爱和在儿童艺术教学中的多年观察,让她的作品呈现的自觉性与不受约束的特质。古燕妮通过一系列充满活力的绘画,拼贴和刺绣等过程突显她在家乡的日常生活、历史、传统与文化。 通过她富有想像力的场景和观察的快乐过程记录和保存她的家园的主要社会意义,在古燕妮的作品中始终存在著文学,怀旧和情感的品质。

古燕妮于1994年出生于吉兰丹,她是毕业于Dasein艺术学院。她从大学时代开始就专注在纯艺术创作。 作为一名新生代艺术家,她于2015年毕业后积极参加了地区性的群展,并有机会在香港和上海展出她的作品。 古燕妮于2016年在Findars艺术空间举办首次个人展览,并荣获Petron艺术大赛(绘画类)一等奖,并荣获Maybank Hari Raya Aidilfitri Creative Wau Design Competition第一名。 她还被选入马来西亚的各种主要艺术比赛,包括国家银行(Tanpa Nama 2)比赛和Nando‘s新生代绘画比赛。


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