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Yap Chin Hoe

1970 | Malaysia

Yap Chin Hoe became a full-time artist upon his graduation from the Malaysian Institute of Arts in 1991 and also obtained a Double Major in Oil Painting and Printmaking. He first embarked on his artistic journey in the direction of western oil and acrylic paintings. He develops a series of antique Chinese porcelain that is adopted as the focal subject, where modern touches are used to tease out the nostalgia that the porcelain evokes.

His delicate brushstrokes reveal a meticulous quest to capture the ethereal quality of the antique porcelain, while brilliantly coloured Nonya and batik fabric serve as a counterpoint to the austerity of the blue and white china.  The image of raucous Peranakan revelry comes to mind when flamboyant tapestries are paired with equally dramatic wares.