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Wang Shi Wen’s abstract painting is inspired by automatism, which allows an artist to create art without conscious thought and composition. Wang covers ropes with oil paints and whips ropes on the canvas. Thousands of lines remain on the canvas with no direction and purpose, but those lines are clues to track the artist’s emotion. Wang states that every emotion in our daily life is a footprint in a life time. In his paintings, lines are not just lines, not an objective existence, but they represent the artist himself and his expression.

Wang Shi Wen was born in 1990 in Heilongjiang, China. He graduated from China Central Academic of Fine Arts. His paintings feature two themes: detachment and observation, that present his mind of art for art’s sake.

王诗文的抽象绘画灵感来源于自动书写的启发,自动书写让艺术家在无意识的思考和构图的情况下创作艺术品。 王诗文在绳子上布满油彩并在画布上抽打出线条,让成千上万的线条留在画布上。这些线条没有方向和目的,反而成为追踪艺术家情感的线索。 王诗文说,我们日常生活中的每一种情绪都会在人生中留下足迹。 在他的画作中,线条不仅仅是客观存在的线条,它们代表着艺术家本人和他的话语。

王诗文1990年出生于中国黑龙江省。 他毕业于中央美术学院。 他的绘画有两个主题:分离和观察,呈现他为艺术而做艺术的创作精神。

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