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Voon Kim Cheong

1968 | Malaysia

Voon Kim Cheong has a deep sense of vision and energy that reveals his purposeful movements of strokes in his works. Inspired by traditional dances of various ethnic groups of the indigenous, Voon exhibited their diverse dance forms enchantingly on canvas. Emotions are high and movements are significantly portrayed in the spirit of unity, joy, strength and courage set in multicultural environment. Swift-flowing strokes and vibrant mix of colours are beguiling of Voon’s works.

Born in 1968 is from Kuala Lumpur. He graduated from the Satio Academy of Graphic Design 1992 and started self-training in fine art. He has his first solo exhibition “Vibrancy-1st Solo Exhibition” in 2011. His paintings have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions organised by museums and art galleries, including Klang Art Centre, Penang State Art Gallery, Daiichi Modern Art Gallery and La Galerie Du Monde. He also has participated in some important group exhibitions: The Philips Morris Group of Malaysia Award at National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, “World Of Imagination Vol.2” at APW Gallery, Long Island City, USA, and “Malaysian Chinese Art Exhibition In Conjuntion with commemorate the 35th Anniversary Malaysia-China diplomatic ties” – Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Melaka.


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