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1965 | China

Chinese artist, Sanzi’s paintings are influenced by Taoism. 「Flow」,「Harmony between man and nature」and「Return to self」 are core values of Sanzi’s paintings. Sanzi believes that the best form of everything in heaven and on earth is to keep them in their purest form. Every life is nourished by nature and nature is flourished because of life.

Sanzi intentionally creates figures and positions them to imply people should be respectful to the mother nature. Sanzi not only creates a Wonderland for himself, but also provides a space for the viewers to feel connected with.

Sanzi was born in 1965 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. His paintings are popular among China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. Sanzi‘s collectors have always cited that his artworks represent best sophisticated mindset and lifestyle of 「Contemporary Taoism」,the consiousness of balancing whatever is acquired from nature and expanding it into the mindfulness world.

中国当代艺术家散子,他的创作概念深受老子的道家思维所影响。 顺应自然、天人合一与返朴归真是散子作品的核心价值。他相信神与人的世界中最美好的形象是保持着最自然的状态。每个生命都被自然的能量所滋养,而自然也因为生命而繁盛。

散子作品中的人物的位置都是有目的性的,隐含着人们对自然万物的生生不息所产生的敬畏之心。 散子的作品构筑出他心所向往的世界,这个世界不仅是他个人,也是他为所有人的灵魂的开放窗口。


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