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Ryota Shiibashi

1979 | Japan

Ryota Shiibashi believes that life after death and before birth are of the same world, and is linked to this world at the same time. His interest had gradually changed from death to “things between life and death”, and he walks the mountains and take photos to collect material for a series of collage works. Nature allows for a more tangible experience of the space between Life and Death. He feels a sense of warmth when he is confronted with something larger than himself such as Nature, which can also be perilous and unforgiving.

Ryota was born in 1979 at Yokohama, Japan. He has held solo exhibitions in Yokohama in 2015 and 2018. He has also joined many group exhibitions since 2015.

Ryota Shiibashi 相信死亡后和出世前的世界是一样的,而这世界也连接着我们所在的世界。他的研究兴趣由死亡逐渐改变为‘生死之间’。走过山丘为了拍照收集作拼贴画。大自然给了生死一个非想象的空间。Ryota在面对比自己大的事物例如大自然时,总是感觉到一股暖流,尽管大自然偶尔危险及强势。


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