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QI YU 戚彧

1969 | China

The creation of Qi Yu’s artwork highlight “ceramic” as an art form instead of a material. They are not only different from the context of traditional ceramics, but also different from the present generalisation language of mixed media works. His artworks are a reflection of the heritage of tradition, and on the other hand, are also an expectation of self-transcendence.

Qi Yu was born in Xiamen in 1969 and graduated from the Decoration and Design department of the Central Academy of Art and Craft. He is the director of the Visual Design Department of the Fine Arts Institute of the University of Jimei, Director of the Art Museum of the Fragrant Hills and Vice Chairman of the Committee of Ceramic Art of the Association of Artists of Fine Arts in Xiamen. He is currently working and residing in Beijing and Xiamen, focusing on ceramic paintings.



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