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1987 | China

‘Rising from the Ashes, Feather of a Mythological Creature’ is artist Hou Xiao Hui’s representative artwork. The metal pieces shine beneath light to create a glittering, an almost holographic effect to give the viewers’ a strong visual impact. The series is a combination of Western and oriental styles, a mix of modern art and a sense of Chinese aesthetics.

Hou was born in 1987, at Shandong. Hou Xiao Hui participated in student exchange programs in Tokyo University of Arts and Karlsruhe University of Art and Design in Germany. The following year, Hou obtained both her bachelor and master of fine arts in China Central Academy of Fine Arts City Design. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions and competitions. Her work was awarded with a gold medal in the 4th international art competition “Design to Sit”. Hou’s series of artworks were permanently collected by London Zero Carbon Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai.


1987年生于山东,侯晓晖参与过东京艺术大学及德国卡尔斯鲁厄艺术设计大学的留学计划。继年,于中国中央美术设计学院完成了美术学士及硕士学位,也参与过许多艺术展及比赛。此外,他也在第四届国际艺术比赛 “Design to Sit” 中获得金牌。其作品也被上海世博会·伦敦零碳馆上海收藏。

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