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alena Vavilina


Working with watercolor, ink, silver or gold leaf on paper, Alena Vavilina looks for diverse materials to express her obsession with the beauty of life. Her paintings focus on primary nature with inspirational scenes from the sky, clouds, butterflies, and flowers. She has always been fascinated by the elements of nature and how this nature is represented in art by other cultures. Vavilina graduated from the School of Academic Art in Moscow, now is based in Dubai. She has participated in various group shows in Belgium, France, Macedonia, UAE and Art Box Project in Miami and New York. In 2018, Alena participated in Art Expo Malaysia and Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong.

Alena Vavilina的作品以水彩、墨、银箔与金箔来呈现她对自然之美的著迷。Vavilina的作品主题围绕着原始的自然,并从天空、云、蝴蝶与花寻找灵感。她对自然万物充满好奇,以及其他文化如何在艺术中呈现自然。Vavilina毕业于莫斯科美术学院,目前定居在迪拜。她曾在比利时,法国, 马其顿与阿拉伯联合共和国参与群展,以及迈阿密与纽约举办的Art Box Project群展。2018年参与马来西亚艺术展与香港亚洲当代艺术展。


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