b. 1982


Yap Chun-Yu emerges as a contemporary artist distinguished by numerous accolades garnered from diverse calligraphy and art competitions. Chun-Yu’s artistic creations predominantly orbit the concept of happiness. The pursuits of worldly achievements, such as fame and wealth, fundamentally trace back to the underlying quest for happiness. While many philosophers have rigorously delved into this subject, Chun-Yu takes a relaxed and almost rebellious approach in his interpretations. His intention is to explore this expansive concept through a fusion of vibrant colors and playful forms, offering a visual representation of his ideas.

Happiness, being a fluid and subjective notion, inherently invites Chun-Yu’s multifaceted interpretations of this concept. Employing acrylic as his primary medium of expression, Chun-Yu engages with happiness through various discourses, capturing its essence within distinct dimensions and circumstances.

One of Chun-Yu’s earliest notable patrons is none other than DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis, a member of the Malaysian royalty. The introduction to Chun-Yu’s works occurred during a charitable event in 2018, where DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis developed an affinity for his art and acquired a piece as part of her philanthropic endeavor.



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