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Mali Onder

1969 | Turkey

Mali Onder’s paintings are colourful and vibrant. Each element in his paintings represents different meanings. In his paintings, the purity we all see, takes the form of a little girl. Cats image implies the unconditional independence and conditional love that we wanted as a kid. The vibrant colours show the brilliant mind of a child and how imaginative a child can be. The round little colourful birds represent “joy” and butterfly represents youth and dynamism. Mali Onder was born in Antalya, Turkey. He studied fine arts, painting and graphic design. He has worked as a political cartoonist for daily newspapers and magazines. He also produced a short-animated series. Currently, he is working as an art educator at a school.

Mali Onder的画作丰富多彩,充满活力。 他绘画中的每一个元素都代表着不同的含义。在他的画作中,小女孩形象代表了纯洁象征。 猫的形象寓意着孩子们既奔放又需要爱与呵护的时期。鲜艳的色彩展现了孩子的聪明才智以及孩子的想象力。 圆形的小彩鸟代表“欢乐”,蝴蝶代表青春和活力。Mali Onder出生在土耳其安塔利亚。 学习美术,绘画和平面设计。他曾担任日报和杂志的政治漫画家。 目前,他在一所学校担任艺术教师的工作。

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